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UTILITY BILL ANALYSIS - Complete evaluation of utility usage and billing including natural gas, electrical, steam, and water / sewage.  We help the owner / building operator find rebates, refunds and the best current utility rate structure for the building’s usage.  Commercial and industrial utility usage and billing can be a very complicated area and requires knowledge of how utility billing works and how the utilities are being used or could be used.  Our team of professionals have the knowledge and expertise to assure that your building is receiving the proper utilities for the most economical value.


INDOOR AIR QUALITY - We provide professional consultation and assistance including evaluations, procedures, training and support.  Our team of specialists are experienced and educated in areas varying from building HVAC design and control to Medical Laboratory Diagnostics.  This makes us well suited to dealing with current problems or meeting governmental air quality regulations.


ENERGY - Consultation and assistance in this area includes: comprehensive energy audits, including reports and recommendations, assistance with local utility company rebate programs and governmental matching programs, liaison work between building owner / operator and utility companies and specific energy evaluations to meet individual customers needs.


HEATING, VENTILATING & AIR CONDITIONING - Evaluations, Consultation, and Commissioning are available by our team of experts.  Making sure your building systems are working properly is critical for maximum energy conservation, proper indoor air quality and general productivity of the business.  All evaluations come complete with comprehensive reports with findings and recommendations.  Documentation and training is available to ensure continuing operational efficiency.


TEMPERATURE CONTROLS - This area can be very difficult or confusing to a building owner / operator because of the complexity of today's building management systems.  We provide consultation and evaluation regarding building management systems to ensure the following:  proper application of control and analysis of all control sequence of operations, maximum use of all the control features ( data logs, load shedding, scheduling, optimize start / stop, etc.).  We will also assist with recommendations for system upgrades or building’s which are planning to install a building management system.


EDUCATION / INSTRUCTION - Our team of professionals include highly educated individuals capable of presenting specialized instruction for your building’s staff.  This includes areas such as basic electricity, HVAC operation and maintenance, temperature control operation and maintenance, building management and operation from a maintenance perspective.  We will tailor an education program to meet your staffs needs.  Nothing has a faster payback than a well educated and trained staff.


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